List of Guy's compositions

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All prices are for PDF files, which can be sent electronically for download.

E = easy
M = medium
D = difficult

If you do not find what you are looking for, please check back periodically, as this list is constantly being updated.

Accordion Solo/Standard Bass

$10 US except where otherwise indicated.

N.B., you may notice that many of my pieces for standard (stradella) bass accordion do not indicate any register switches for the left hand.  This is because there is no longer any "standard" in standard bass--the standard low note used to be C, but now it's just as likely to be A, G, or even E (as on my convertor), so I leave it to the discretion of the player to find an appropriate switch for their particular accordion.

Accordion Misdemeanors (M) $15 (suite of 8 miniature pieces)

as they waltz off into the sunset (lead sheet) (E) FREE (download below)

Bob Flath Waltzes with the Angels (M/D)

Boeves Pslam (M), Lars Hollmer, arr. Klucevsek

Breathless and Bewildered (lead sheet) (D)

Carousel of Dreams (M/D)

Claire Buoyant (D) (from "Portables")

The C&M Waltz (E)

Dancing on the Volcano (lead sheet) (D)

Eleven Large Lobsters Loose in the Lobby (M) (percussion piece, no keys or buttons involved)

For Lars, Again (M)

Gimme a Minute, Please (My Sequins Are Showing) (M/D)

Ice Flowers (M)

Larsong (M)

My Right Foot, on the Other Hand (D)

Ratatatatouille (D)

The Return of Lasse (D)

Samba D Hiccup (D)

Soft Landing (M)

The Swan and the Vulture (D)

Three Tributes (D), commissioned by the American Accordionists' Association  $15

  (1. Evan-essence, for Evan Harlan, 2. Ballad of Faithe, for Faithe Deffner, 3. Sir Walter's Main Squeeze Rag, for Walter Kuehr.)

Verret's Valse (M), for Errol Verret

Walt's Waltz (M) (from "Portables")

Waltz for Sandy (D)

Waltzing at the Edge of Dawn (a musette waltz for accordion) (M)

The Well-Tampered Accordion:  12 short pieces for combination free bass/standard bass (D)

$25  (individual pieces from the suite, $10)

1.   Shape-Shifter (F.B.)
2.   Ebony Mandolin (F.B.)
3.   Rocking the Boat (F.B.)
4.   Collapsible Hornpipe (F.B.)
5.   Time Passing (F.B.)
6.   Hungarian Hummingbird (F.B.)
7.   Sunday Morning - Eight Legs (S.B.)
8.   AOK Chorale (F.B.)
9.   Pink Elephant (F.B.)
10. Song of the Little Prince (F.B.)
11. Dance! (S.B.)
12. Epilogue/Fantasy (F.B.)

Where's the Tan Go (M) (from "Portables")

Accordion Solo/Free Bass:

All $10, unless otherwise indicated

Air Apparent (from "Bits and Pieces of Hard Coal") (M) (requires both Stradella and Free Bass)

And Then There Were None (D)

Awakening (M)

Bandoneons, Basil and Bay Leaves (D)

Four Portraits (M)  (pieces sold separately)

1.  Clarissa (F.B.)
2.  Blues for Richard (S.B. or F.B.)
3.  Laura (F.B.)
4.  Virginia (F.B.)

The Grass, It Is Blue (Ain't Nothin' But a Polka) (D)

The Heart of the Andes (M)

The Landscape Listens (E) 

Listen to the Fragrance (M/D)

Loosening Up the Queen (M) 

Mounted on the Fairground's Magic Horses (M)

My Walk with Ligeti (D)

Old Woman Who Dances with the Sea (M)

Return of the Microids (pieces sold separately)

1.  Ala Béla (F.B.) (M)
2.  The Tortoise Knows How to Make Love to His Wife (F.B.) (M)
3.  The Aerialist Somnabulates (S.B.) (M)
4.  Many Happy Returns (F.B.) (M) 

Three of a Kind (pieces sold separately)

1. Coral Desert (M)
2. Organum (D)
3. AOK Chorale (M) (this is a slightly different version than the one which is included in "The Well-Tampered Accordion":  this  is a straight-forward chorale, whereas the other version has a dance variation added in the middle section; please compare the two PDF samples.)

Three Microids (pieces sold separately)

1.  My Right Foot, on the Other Hand (S.B.) (M)
2.  Eleven Large Lobsters Loose in the Lobby (M) (percussion piece, no keys or buttons involved)
3.  Bustin' Broncos in the Balkans (F.B., and vocals) (M)

Stradella AND Free Bass:

Variations on an Original Aeolian Theme (M/D)
I composed this piece in 1970!  It's the oldest piece in my catalogue of works.

Accordion Duos:

$15 each

As They Waltz Off into the Sunset (E) (Acc. 2 is right hand only)

Breathless and Bewildered (D)

Chalk Dust (D)

Dancing on the Volcano (D)

Life, Liberty and the Prosciutto Happiness (D)

Pitch-Black (M) 

Plain 'n' Fancy (M)

The Return of Lasse (D)

Waltz for Sandy (D)

Wave Hill (requires 2 free bass accordions) (M) 

Accordion Ensemble:

$20 each

The Gunks (3 accordions) (D)

Spinning Jennie (3 accordions) (E)

Spinning Jennie (3 accordion + bass accordion) (E)

Tangocide (4 accordions) (M)

$10 each

Rumbling (any number of accordions:  stradella or free bass) (M)

Skating on Thin Air (any number of accordions, right hand only) (E)

Accordion with other Instruments:

The Landscape Listens, for accordion (right thand only) and violin (or a 2nd accordion, RH):  $10
The Gift, for soprano saxophone and free bass accordion: $15
The Day the Snow Fell Upwards, for accordion (right hand only) and piano:  $15

Music withOUT Accordion--Imagine That!

Monk's Intermezzo, for piano, written for Aki Takahashi's "hyper-Beatles" collection/recording, $10

Oscillation No. 2, for piano, $10

Sweet Chinoiserie, for toy piano and toy instruments, $15

Haywire Rag (A Waltz), for piano, $10

Roundabout Now, for piano, $10

A Little Madness in the Spring, for toy piano, 10

Tesknota, for 4-8 melody instruments, or 2 pianos.  (Score written in concert pitch.), $15

sheet music for guy's tunes

Here are some one-page samples which can be downloaded in pdf format: